Project Preparation

The project preparation assignments always have a development or project proposal in focus. The purpose of the project preparation activity is to analyse and elaborate these developments and project proposals in such a way that the documentation prepared by us represents real and relevant assistance for the project promoter in its management decisions linked to the project both in the preparation and the implementation phase.

Grant Management

In case of our grant management assignments we take active part in creating, shaping the development idea of our Clients, on the basis of which we prepare and submit their project proposal for the chosen call for proposals. Our Clients mostly apply for non-refundable support that results in a quicker return of their investments and/or entail a lower risk for them. We typically manage developments of a higher value and with a complex financing background.

Project Management

In our project management assignments we are commissioned to organise and manage the resources linked to a clearly defined and previously assessed project. The aim of our contribution is that the project is implemented within defined financing limits and deadlines, along success criteria defined in advance together with the Client, while deriving from preliminary plans only to a justified extent (identified and managed risks, problems).

Cohesion Policy Consultancy

In case of our cohesion policy consultancy assignments we offer strategic and public administration consultancy services primarily for our public sector Clients. They are institutions, organisations and enterprises involved specifically in planning, coordination and implementation of cohesion policy support programmes.

Organisation Development

In our organisation development assignments we directly or indirectly provide services affecting the organisational efficiency sustainable on the long run. We offer services and competencies in the field of diagnostics, proposal making and implementation support according to the following activities:

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