Equinox Consulting was founded in 2007. The management of our company consists of Hungarian individuals highly experienced in grant management and consulting. In the beginning, we offered mainly project preparatory, grant and project management services for our Clients. Over the last years, the scope of our services, the number of our employees and the plant size of the company has continuously increased, while we managed to sustain the level of our profitability. By now the number of our colleagues exceeds 40, whose performance and motivation is developed by a complex performance management system. In 2011, we successfully introduced the ISO systems on quality management and information security. Moreover, high value business liability insurance was taken out on every activity of the company for ensuring complete safety of our Clients. In 2011, involving our business partner, we established Equinox Tender Ltd., which made it possible to be at our Clients’ disposal also for high quality public procurement and legal consultancy services. We welcome our Clients in a pleasant working environment, where all the conditions for professional work are provided for.

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