The mission of the Equinox Group (Equinox Consulting Ltd. and Equinox Tender Ltd.) is to be a dominant and recognised actor of the Hungarian consultancy market, through serving our Clients’ interest with professional, complex services along clear and conservative values. We create enduring values for our Clients in a measurable way. Our activity contributes to the development of the culture of Hungarian cohesion policy and public procurement on both the supply and the demand side, in line with the actual legal and other requirements.

The Equinox Group is committed to continuously improve its portfolio of services in order to offer as wide ranging services to our Clients as possible.

Continuous improvement of our Clients’ satisfaction and its measurement through feedbacks throughout and after delivery is of utmost importance for the Equinox Group. Therefore, during the sales of our services and the delivery of our assignments, we devote particular attention to the understanding of the needs and the detailed discussion of the expected services with the Client, furthermore to the common identification of the success criteria of the assignment still before the inception of the delivery.

One of the most important guarantees of the long term advancement of the Equinox Group is the satisfaction, high level theoretical and practical knowledge and regular training of our colleagues. We are committed to ensuring a high quality office infrastructure meeting the necessary environmental and information security requirements and to the continuous improvement of the technical and technological conditions used for the provision of services. During the organisation of our work, we aim to offer diversified professional challenges for all of our employees in order to ensure their personal satisfaction and improvement. The Equinox Group regards as highly important the secure and balanced family background of its colleagues and the recognition of the additional burden linked to child raising.

Based on the feedback of our Clients and the internal quality improvement initiatives of our colleagues, we constantly analyse, improve and adapt our processes.

We always articulate high level quality requirements to our supplier and subcontractor partners. In exchange, we offer and expect long term and ethical partnership.

For reinforcing the above efforts and making them transparent, we are committed to the constant application and improvement of the following management systems:

  • MSZ EN ISO 9001 – Quality management system,
  • MSZ ISO/IEC 27001 – Information security management system.

We familiarize all of our colleagues and partners with the above policy, and apply a recruitment and motivation system which guarantees the everyday and tangible execution of our policy.

Budapest, 28 February 2018

The Management of Equinox Consulting and Equinox Tender

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