General information, corporate data

Name of the company: Equinox Consulting Limited Liability Company
Short name of the company: Equinox Consulting Ltd.
Registry court: Court of Somogy County as registry court Company register number: 14-06-308696
Tax number: 22372523-2-14
Seat: Damjanich u. 6, H-7400 Kaposvár, HUNGARY
Office address: Záhony u. 7 (Graphisoft Park), H-1031 Budapest, HUNGARY
Fax number: +36 1 430 0853
E-mail address:

Logo Click here for downloading Equinox Consulting’s logo and its user manual.

Here’s how you can reach us from the city

Access of the office

Google Maps + Access within the Park:

From the direction of M7-M1 highways: Google Maps: Budapest M7 – Graphisoft Park
From the direction of M3 highway: Google Maps: Budapest M3 – Graphisoft Park
From the direction of M5 highway: Google Maps: Budapest M5 – Graphisoft Park

There are parking places available in Graphisoft Park for the guests of Equinox Consulting.






You can find us in Graphisoft Park as following

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