Cohesion Policy Consultancy

In case of our cohesion policy consultancy assignments we offer strategic and public administration consultancy services primarily for our public sector Clients. They are institutions, organisations and enterprises involved specifically in planning, coordination and implementation of cohesion policy support programmes. Our cohesion policy consultancy activities include:

  • Process management services (elaboration, review and improvement of procedure guidelines, audit trails, assessment and rationalisation of processes, drafting of regulation);
  • Strategic consultancy services (methodology of strategy design, support of strategy preparation, evaluation of strategies, design of programmes, analysis of benchmarks, elaboration and quality management of support programmes);
  • Completion of programme evaluation assignments (elaboration and quality management of ex ante, on-going, mid-term, ex post and thematic evaluations);
  • Accomplishment of impact assessments (predicting probable future impacts of support programmes and counterfactual impact assessment of closed programmes);
  • Setup and analysis of programme and project monitoring systems (analysis of financial and physical progress, as well as monitoring of programmes, development, review and analysis of indicator systems);
  • Support of application management activity of intermediary bodies (preparation of decision making, management of subsidy contracts, checking of invoices, management of on-the-spot checks);
  • Project management services (support of decision making, monitoring, rolling planning, performance management, risk management, change management, communication and administrative support).

We strongly build on experience gathered during the accomplishment of our project preparatory, grant management consultancy and project management assignments. Beside the Hungarian cohesion policy institution system, the circle of our Clients covers the institutions of other EU Member States.
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