Grant Management

In case of our grant management assignments we take active part in creating, shaping the development idea of our Clients, on the basis of which we prepare and submit their project proposal for the chosen call for proposals. Our Clients mostly apply for non-refundable support that results in a quicker return of their investments and/or entail a lower risk for them. We typically manage developments of a higher value and with a complex financing background. We do not prefer preparing simple calls and many proposals with smaller project size.

For our business sector Clients we provide services in the field of infrastructure and/or production technology development, investments in other equipment, R&D, innovation and ICT development. Our public sector Clients assign us primarily with the elaboration of applications for domestic and EU funded calls linked to human resources development (education and training, health, employment) infrastructure investments (waste management, water utility), settlement and tourism development, environment protection, energy rationalisation and renewable energy investments.

Aligned with the requirements of the call for proposals, we fill in the application form of the project proposal according usually but not exclusively to the information given by the project promoter, and we compose the necessary annexes, while respecting the relevant formal and substantial requirements and the deadlines.

Our services cover the following activities in our grant management assignments:

  • Preparation of structured requests for data and the linked collection of data, information and documents;
  • Ensuring constant availability for professional consultations;
  • Quality assurance of the collection of application annexes;
  • Filling in and composition of application forms and annexes;
  • Composition and signature of application packages;
  • Submission of completed application packages;
  • Composition of possible supplement document packages;
  • Preparation and professional support linked to on-the-spot visits prior to the support decision;
  • Comprehensive project coordination linked to the above activities.

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