Organisation Development

In our organisation development assignments we directly or indirectly provide services affecting the organisational efficiency sustainable on the long run. We offer services and competencies in the field of diagnostics, proposal making and implementation support according to the following activities:

  • Strategic consultancy services (methodology of strategy design, support of strategy development, evaluation of strategies, support of setup of organisation and operation structures);
  • Process management services (process analysis and rationalisation, ensuring fitting of objectives and processes, improvement of job descriptions and the administrative system of responsibility, drafting of regulations);
  • Impact assessments (setup and improvement of performance assessment systems, sectoral benchmarking, analysis of competitors);
  • Project management services (support of decision making, monitoring, ensuring programme implementation and introduction, quality assurance, change management, support of corporate communication);
  • Improvement of motivation and efficiency (organisation diagnosis, action plan design, corporate communication and culture, corporate social responsibility);
  • Knowledge and performance management (performance motivation tools and systems, development and career programmes, resupply planning);
  • Manager support services (coaching, preparation for decision making situations and special events).

In our organisation development assignments we rely on our experience linked to efficiency and motivation improvements, gathered in business, public and non-profit sector environment. The above services are offered, beyond business and public sector clients, also for civil organisations.
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