Project Management

In our project management assignments we are commissioned to organise and manage the resources linked to a clearly defined and previously assessed project. The aim of our contribution is that the project is implemented within defined financing limits and deadlines, along success criteria defined in advance together with the Client, while deriving from preliminary plans only to a justified extent (identified and managed risks, problems). In other words, project management is nothing else but the combined application of the relevant knowledge, skills, tools and technics within a single project, in order that the project meets the given requirements. Our project management activity is realised through the complete or partial performance of the organisational and management tasks of the project implementation or through the support of the project management activities of the Client. Our project management services are always tailored to the needs of the Client and the project.

The majority of our project management activities are linked to previous grant application assignments after our Clients awarded support from domestic or European funds through call for proposals or individual decision. For the sake of efficient and regular use of the development grant, we ensure the management of the subsidy contract (signing, amending, closing the contract), we draft the reports for the monitoring of the project, we prepare the payment requests necessary for receiving the funding and we prepare and support our Clients with personal appearance on the occasion of on-the-spot checks of organisations entitled for control. We complete the documents necessary for the closure of the implementation period, and, if needed, we support the elaboration of monitoring reports during the compulsory sustainability period.
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